Friday, October 06, 2006

Stop! Or I'll Yell Stop, Again!

Thank God for the UN.
The U.N. Security Council on Friday urged North Korea not to carry out a planned nuclear-weapon test and warned Pyongyang of unspecified consequences if it did.


It warned North Korea that a nuclear test would lead to further unspecified Security Council action "consistent with its responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations."

Unspecified Consequences. How... vague. In international-diplomacy-speak I think that means "nothing".

North Korea is once again engaging in empty sabre rattling. Seriously, do they truly think their nuclear capabilities would stop anyone pounding them in the dust? Percision bomb them from high altitude, and take over the country by actually feeding it's people. I don't think there would be much insurgent action. I have yet to meet anyone who is violently opposed to eating real food.

Even China is starting to edge away from North Korea like a friend who has discovered exactly where that strange smell is coming from.

It seems everytime the world is ignoring them they make the threat of Nuclear Anihilation. Kinda of like the worlds' biggest "Look at me! Look at me! I'm relevant!" Unfortunately for the largely innocent and oppressed people of North Korea, it will be North Korea that gets anhiliated. By their own devices if their track record with technology is any indication. Their last message to the world will probably be "Whoops!"