Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jihad II - Electric Boogaloo

I think they're missing the point.

The latest criticism of Islam being a violent religion, which was sparked by incendiary comments made by Pope Benedict XVI, has caused internet jihadis to launch a new website called Electronic Jihad, located at The purpose of the website is to help organize an electronic jihad against websites that insult Islam and Islamic sacred figures. The site has been well publicized on more established jihadi websites. Jihadi forums are posting quotes from the Quran in order to encourage and convince jihadis and regular Muslims of their duty to engage in electronic jihad and to attack anti-Islamic sites in order to shut them down.

This is violence of a different sort. Until Muslims stop reacting this way to every viewpoint that doesn't fit in with their dogma, they are doing nothing but reinforcing the view that Islam is a reactionary, violent, hate-filled religion. The inability to deal with criticism or even outright hostility in a constructive manner is a sign of weakness not strength. Striking out at anyone even the least bit critical of Islam is a downward spiral.

Violence is the last resort of the civilized; the first for barbarians. And remember..

Eventually, someone with a bigger stick comes around an stomps you into the ground.