Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bees Suck Part II

McGuyver he ain't..
Franklyn Pigott Jr. set his home ablaze Wednesday while attempting to destroy a nest of bees that had formed outside the home, the Fort Myers News-Press reported Thursday.

When Pigott, 38, mixed a product called Real Kill Indoor Fogger with WD-40, it became a "flame-thrower" and melted the home's vinyl siding, according to a police incident report.
However, I can totally relate. If I had become desperate enough, I'm sure I would have mad this guy look tame by comparison.


The behavior of insurance companies dealing with Katrina claims has done nothing but disgust me. Finally, they get a liberal application of the clue-by-four.
A jury on Thursday awarded $2.5 million in punitive damages to a couple who sued State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. for denying their claim after Hurricane Katrina.

The decision could benefit hundreds of other homeowners challenging insurers for refusing to cover billions of dollars in storm damage.

Now, granted, water damage is explicitly not covered by most insurers. This includes a hurricane's storm surge (not sure if that's explicitly spelled out). However, they are claiming all damage during this period of time is due to the storm surge. They are claiming the tons of tornadoes spawned and high winds are completely irrelevant, whether they destroyed the homes or not. In their world the fact there was a storm surge at all negates any other possible explanation for damages.

The judge made a directed verdict awarding damages to the couple, and told the jury to decide on the punitive. The judge obviously felt the evidence was so overwhelming for the Broussards' that he made that decision himself.

I hope the other insurance companies are crapping their pants.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

At Least He Didn't Ask Them About The 7th Planet

This story suggests one of two things: this guy has some serious sexual issues, or he never got over the 5th grade.
A former high school basketball coach faces 39 charges for allegedly hitting male students in the groin, showing them pornography and pouring water on his players then driving them to games in the winter with the windows rolled down.

Gregory Lynn Burr, 28, face charges ranging from sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust to child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury, according to court documents reviewed by The Gazette of Colorado Springs. One of the students claims to have had scrotal surgery because of Burr's alleged assault.

He does not seem to think this is a big deal, although how he could ever think hitting a kid in the balls would fall under "OK things to do" is beyond me. This is a big deal. Especially the charge "sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust". That carries some very hefty jail time and he's pretty much going to branded for life if he's convicted. All for a "joke" that was funny in elementary school for about 5 minutes.

Hey, maybe he'll get caught out by the pick-up-the-soap "joke" while in prison.

One can only hope.

Sweet! The iPhone!

Oh, I gotta have one!

Unfortunately, it looks pretty damn expensive. Even my insane love for new and shiny gadgets may not be able to overcome that aspect.

Plus, it's won't be ready until June 2007.

Until then, drool...

Wait a minute, Linksys actually has a product they released recently called iPhone. It's a VOIP phone, but I imagine Apple and Cisco (owners of Linksys) may get into a pretty nasty Trademark dispute here.