Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I hate my co-workers

Ok, I forgot my glasses at home today. All I had were my prescription sunglasses. So, I could either wear the sunglasses and see, or I could sit with two LCD monitors inches from my face and squint all day.

I chose to look like a tool and wear the sunglasses.

Needless to say, I got tons of sympathy for being forgetful. I have been called "Neo" and "Morpheus", had that insipid "Future's so bright..." song sang at me; another friend sent me a variant of the Corey Hart song in via email ("I wear my sunglasses at work..."). My boss's reaction: "We can laugh with you or at you. Well, today we laugh at you."


But then one collegue went too far. He started calling me by the hacker handles from the movie "Hackers". And he knows I hate that movie (or at least he does now). No... hate is much too weak of a word. I wish I could find every person ever involved with that movie and stab them in the face. I've seen doctors cringe whenever a medical drama is on TV. For info security people (and network people and systems people) "Hackers" is our "ER".

Although I too, have hacked the Gibson.