Monday, September 18, 2006

Bees Suck

I have a bee... issue. It seems some bees have decided to hive (is that even a verb?) right above my porch. It looks like they get in via a crack between the brick and the porch timber from the unit above. Not a huge deal, but then I started noticing bees in my place. One or two a day. Again, no huge deal, but it bothered me.

So, I called the management company and said "get an exterminator out here". It took them 5 days to it. And from appearances all they did was put sticky paper outside the crack. Wow good job. This will take care of bees leaving or returning the hive, but what about the ones that get trapped inside? You would think, reasonably enough, "Oh, they'll just die since they can't get out."

Whoops, no. Remember, they already had a way into my apartment. Now, I'm averaging about 20 a day -- at least that's how many I'm killing. I'm also seeing bee carcasses all over (at least it's getting me to vacuum and sweep). Some of those I think are from my boy cat, Cecil, the Bane of Insects and Spiders. He seems to be impervious to stings. Not so me or my girl cat, Beanie. We both got stung over the weekend.

So now an exterminator is scheduled to show up and see what he (or she) can do about this invasion. If their past performance is any indicator, I'm thinking that answer is going to be "not much". Most likely, I'll have to crate up my cats tomorrow and go someplace while they spew poison everywhere. Then I get to look forward to scrubbing the floor, wiping everything down, vacuuming, and washing all the dishes.

Oh, and releasing two very pissed off cats.