Saturday, September 30, 2006

We Are A Non-Violent, Peaceful Religion...

...and I'll kill you if you say otherwise.

PARIS, Sept 29, 2006 (AFP) - French anti-terrorism authorities Friday opened an inquiry into death threats against a philosophy teacher who has been forced into hiding over a newspaper column attacking Islam, legal officials said.

Robert Redeker, 52, is receiving round-the-clock police protection and changing addresses every two days, after publishing an article describing the Koran as a "book of extraordinary violence" and Islam as "a religion which... exalts violence and hate".

What? I can't believe it! He's being threatened by expressing his opinion of a religion of brotherly-love? Say it ain't so!

the Islamo-Fascists are doing splendid job of supporting his thesis.

Seriously, who's surprised by this. These murderers of men, women, and children have learned, time and time again, that threats and acts of violence work. Well, they work in Europe, mostly. But, I do notice that Redeker has not retracted his statement. Perhaps winds of change are going to sweep across the Continent. But I doubt it.

Interviewed over the telephone from a safe house by Europe 1 radio Friday, he said that "the education ministry has not even contacted me, has not deigned to get in touch to see if I need any help."

On Thursday Education Minister Gilles de Robien expressed "solidarity" with the teacher, but also warned that "a state employee must show prudence and moderation in all circumstances."

Redeker said that "if Robien is correct, then we would never have had any intellectual life in France. The function of politics is not tell us what we are allowed to think, but to defend our freedom to think and speak out."

Let me be the first to invite Redeker to the US. It sounds like he would fit right in. Whatever else, we all need more people like Redeker.
The more we, as a culture, stand up to this hateful death-cult, the less power they have. It will be painful, and at times violent, but capitulation is worse.

You know if Islam follows the same time line of growth and change that the Catholic church did, I'd say we should see a Martin Luther style reformer any time now. Of course, once he makes himself known he'll have his skull crushed by a rock wielded by one of those "peaceful" adherents of the faith.