Monday, September 25, 2006


I just got done watching the pilot episode of Heroes on CBS (warning-- funky Flash site). It's certainly intriguing (so far), but I have seen many a series degenerate from a good pilot. I liked the fact that most of the principals are confused and frightened by their new powers. In fact one character sees it as a curse (and if I had his power, I would probably react the same way).

However, I couldn't help but feel I'd been here before...

Oh, yes. The Wild Card series from the early 90s edited by George RR Martin. Not sure if they're still in print (Amazon doesn't seem to think so), but I remember buying the first 6 books in this series when I was at U of Iowa. Go Turtle Boy! Although the Ace of Spades was my favorite --he was one bad mofo, in a Batman kind of way (if I'm recalling the characters correctly).

If your library or used book store has any of these, I recommend them --well, the first 6. I don't know if the quality suffered or not as some long running collaborative series do (Thieves' World, anyone?)

UPDATE: Well it looks like I'm not alone in liking* the pilot.
* - Although, it is disappointing to see that writer Tim Kring buys into that whole we only use 10% of our brain myth.