Friday, November 17, 2006

Is She Stupid, Or Just Dumb?

Harper Collins' Regan explains why she published OJ's book.
Publishing maverick Judith Regan issued a statement Thursday night, calling her most-famous author a "killer" and acknowledging that she set up O.J. Simpson in a bid to get a confession out of him on behalf of battered women everywhere — herself among them.

Regan, Harper Collins' enfant terrible, is being widely vilified for publishing what is being touted as a "fictional" confession to the real murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

The fictional confession is given in Simpson's forthcoming new book, "If I Did It."

Regan now says that she was physically abused by her husband and other men. She says the interview she did with Simpson was an attempt at personal justice and "closure" in her own life.


She did it to make a buck. She knew the masses would eat this book up like popcorn. And while you and I will swear never to buy/read this book, there are probably 20 people who will.

Now that people are jumping up and down on her with both feet, does she back-peddle. No, I was trying to get a confession. Really! Listen Marla Maples, leave murder investigation to the professionals. Go back to publishing crap books and fellating the New York Times for good book reviews.

Whether it is a cynical ploy to make money, or you actually beleive the twaddle you're spouting, you look like an idiot. Look? She is an idiot.