Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ironically, I Hate Nazis

People like this make me sick
Prosecutors said the attack was racially motivated in part because the victim is Hispanic and Tuck espoused white-supremacist beliefs.

Authorities said Tuck shouted racial insults as he punched, kicked and stomped the teen for four to five hours and sodomized him with the plastic pole of a patio umbrella. Tuck and another teen later stood him against a fence and poured bleach all over him, according to investigators.

I've been reading this case off and on for a couple weeks. Now, I'm pretty much against tarring every crime with the "hate" brush, but I'd have to say this one definitely fits. Of course, the defense tried to claim that it was not a hate crime. Ignore the fact that he was wearing Nazi symbols on his clothes (hell, on his boots). Ignore the fact, according to some reports, he was shouting racial epithets while stomping.

Well, at least this Nazi shit will suffer some poetic justice. I'm sure he'll be sodomized more than once where he's going.