Thursday, January 18, 2007

My New Phone

I was getting tired of my RAZR, so I decided to get a new mobile. I finally settled on the SLVR L2. Although I'm salivating over the prospect of the Apple iPhone, I probably won't want to part with that much money when it comes out. Plus, I really needed/wanted a phone now. This phone seems perfect because it has the following:
  • No Camera - I hate cameras on phones. They suck. I already have a camera already. And it's one more thing on the phone to malfunction.
  • Bluetooth - Absolutely vital. And it's really hard to get a phone that has Bluetooth, but no camera. So kudos to Moto.
  • Great Reception - So far I am getting the strongest and most consistent signal I have ever had on a phone in my apartment. And since my mobile is my only phone, that's important.
  • It Was Free - I think that speaks for itself.
UPDATE - Is it me, Blogger, or Flickr? I can't tell which is culprit, but the image quality seems to suck. A lot.

UPDATE2: I think I fixed it. Blogger was making the image larger than the source, hence the pixeling effect.