Monday, September 11, 2006

Holy crap! He's still alive?

Walter Cronkite!

I just now heard him on the radio. I was leaving the gym and had my usual station on in the truck. Normally, it's some ass named Tom Leykis. This was something else. I'm guessing (cynically of course) a ratings grab by CBS radio. You know -- jumping on the 9/11 bandwagon. Long faces and weepy eyes. I pretty much have a reflexive distrust of the media these days so I view these "tributes" for what they probably are. A chance to charge advertisers a premium because of the almost guaranteed increase in viewers/listeners.

Anyhow, they had Walter Cronkite on the phone. Seriously, I thought he was dead. That stentorian voice of his is a little more gravelly. A little diminished. But without a doubt recognizable. He was only on briefly, and one thing really stood out. He was asked what he thinks when he drives (or is driven most likely) past where the WTC stood.

His response:

"I think about all those people jumping from the buildings."