Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally, A Smart Decision From This Guy

Kerry has decided not to run.
Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, won't make a second bid for the White House, sources familiar with Kerry's thinking said Wednesday.

A source close to Kerry and a Democratic operative who worked for him in 2004 said the four-term senator has decided to sit out the 2008 race, which already has drawn more than a dozen contenders from both parties.


I have to say that since 2004 this man has been a walking disaster for the Democratic party. I'm not the biggest fan of the Democrats (but I don't like the Republicans, either), however, I would like to give them a chance now that they have the reins. If this Botox-injected, Herman Munster lookalike threw his hat in the ring, that would have shown that the Democrats had a fundamental inability to learn from history. Of course the Republicans have no great skill there, either.

I think it will come down to Hillary or Obama for the Democrat nod. If it does turn out to be Hillary, the anti-war's leftist minds will implode in confusion. On the one hand we have a domestic social progressive, which is attractive to them. But on the other we have a woman who will probably be the most hawkish president to sit in office since Andrew Jackson.

One thing is for sure, the lead up to the Democratic Primary will be entertaining.