Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tricycle and Scooter's Bastard Love Child

Ok, I have seen this... contraption chained to a bicycle stand for the last week or so in downtown Chicago.

What the hell is it?! It's like a scooter and a tricycle crashed into each other and this is the result. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of mobility.

It's driving me insane. It's seems constructed well. But if it's for an adult, the sheer biological mechanics involved in using it boggle the mind. And if it's for a toddler, the handle bars seem a little out of reach. I suppose a small Chimpanzee would fit comfortably (what, with the longer arms and all), but I'm sure I would have noticed one ambling by the corner of Canal and Washington.

One thing is for sure, that seat looks real uncomfortable.

UPDATE: Someone here at work has commented that perhaps it's a transportation device for "Little People " proportions. Maybe so, but just from the dimensions involved I'm thinking 10-12" legs and 20-28" arms. Is that normal for "People of Challenged Verticality"?