Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something Obvious, Something Alarming

Well, I'd file this one under "duh".
Only one in four Americans believe President Bush is a better president than his father, George H. W. Bush, a new CNN poll has found.

Six in 10 said the elder Bush, who served one term from 1989-1993, did a better job in office, according to a poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation. Twelve percent said both were equally good or bad, and 2 percent offered no opinion.

I'd have to agree with that. Bush the elder had a better grasp on domestic issues and international relations. The main reason I believe he was not re-elected was because of how the first Iraq war ended. I think a lot of Americans felt let down by the fact we did not pursue Saddam into Baghdad.

However, this gives me a "Wha?" moment.
More than a majority of the people polled said congressional Democrats were better able than Bush to handle the situation in Iraq, foreign affairs and also taxes, the economy, and the federal deficit -- three signature GOP issues.

I think this may be whistling in the dark. I'd like to think they are better able to deal with these issues. But right now Pelosi seems more interesting in pissing matches and displays of pique and power. She's turning the House into a grade school playground.

I'd like to give them a chance. Many of them appear to be more moderate than is usually associated with the party lately. I truly think this upcoming congress has the opportunity to do some truly bi-partisan work. Especially in the realm of budget reform and lobby influence.

Unfortunately, I think the rejection of Murtha, who had been hand picked by Pelosi to be the majority leader, and the showdown that appears to be coming regarding the Intelligence Committee, portend events to come over the next two years. I fear the Democrats will revert to form and begin internecine fighting and implode.


And it will most likely cost them the House and possibly the Senate. If it's bad enough, the Executive Branch as well.