Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Everyone Calm The Fuck Down

Time to freak out (FOX), everyone.

"Everyone was running down the street, kids were screaming and crying," Rich Behar, a New York City resident and former Time magazine reporter, told FOX News. "There was a lot of horror and terror when it hit," Behar added, saying the whole ordeal reminded him of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

I can kind of understand an initial panic, but to say this reminded him of 9/11... Well, that's stretching hyperbole to its breaking point.

It was a small fixed wing aircraft (CNN) hitting a high-rise residential building. Not two jumbo jets crashing into the symbols of Western capitalism. Yes, two people so far have been declared dead. But that is a far cry from the thousands that lost their lives at the WTC.

The Federal Aviation Administration described the plane as a "general aviation" fixed-wing aircraft flying under visual flight rules, meaning a pilot was flying by visual landmarks.

I have one question. If someone is using visual landmarks to navigate (and if this indeed was an accident), how the hell do you not see the god-damn building?

UPDATE: Well, there's now six additional paragraphs in the CNN story. Makes my last sentence look a little asinine. (thanks, Anne, for pointing that part out - the info not the being asinine)

UPDATE 2: Edited to clarify what news story the links were pointing.